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Sharon Crook
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
School of Life Sciences

My work focuses on developing and using mathematical and computational approaches to study the dynamics of neurons and neuronal networks. I am particularly interested in the mechanisms underlying structural plasticity in the nervous system and how sensory systems work and are integrated. I also contribute to an international effort to promote reproducibility, model sharing, and community-based collaborative model development in computational neuroscience research.

I earned my PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Maryland at College Park. My dissertation research was performed at the Mathematical Research Branch of the National Institutes of Health under Director Dr. John Rinzel. The work focused on the development of coupled oscillator models for representing cortical dynamics and was supervised by Dr. Bard Ermentrout at the University of Pittsburgh.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, I held a postdoctoral appointment at the Center for Computational Biology at Montana State University with Dr. John Miller and Dr. Gwen Jacobs where I performed joint work in neurophysiology, mathematical modeling and neuroinformatics.


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Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

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Selected Book Chapters

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