NeuroML is a modular, declarative, and simulator-independent standard for specifying computational neuroscience models. The community-driven ecosystem of NeuroML models and tools is growing every year.

SciDash: SciUnit and NeuronUnit

SciUnit is a framework for test-driven validation of scientific models. NeuronUnit provides a set of pre-built tests that can be used to assess how well a neuroscience model corresponds to experimental data.

NeuroML Database

NeuroML Database provides access to 1,500+ NeuroML models. Each model features extensive characterizations of electrophysiology, morhology, and computational complexity.


BlenderNEURON allows the visualization of NEURON models and their simulation results in Blender, the open-source, professional 3D modeling software.


SwarmsSight is a video analysis software with two modules: one for assessing changes in motion in video scenes and another for tracking the positions of insect antennae.

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PyLMeasure: A Python Wrapper for LMeasure

PyLMeasure provides a Python interface to the popular neuronal morphology analysis software L-Measure.

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hoc2swc: A HOC to SWC converter

hoc2swc is a Python package that converts a model instantiated in NEURON simulator to the popular SWC morphology format. Tools like L-Measure that support the SWC format can then be used to analyze and visualize neuron model morphology.

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NSF COA: Auto-generate your COA forms for NSF grant applications

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